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Rotary Lobe Pump (Boeger & Jurop)

Transairvac offers a comprehensive range of rotary lobe pumps and macerator units.

The pumps have many advantages over other rotary lobes and are a top quality product.


Borger Rotary Lobe Pump


These products are used for the road transport, water and waste industries. A positive displacement pump is suitable to handle many viscous and waste liquids.

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  • Large Flow Range From 1 to 300 m³/hr
  • Pressures up to 12 bar
  • Variety of lobe materials & configurations
  • Mechanical Seals Maintenance in place (when required)
  • Non wetted shafts
  • Variety of drive options
  • Easy access design Bi-Directional (reverse flow)
  sludge pumps installation

Transport Industry Features

  • Hydraulic close coupled arrangement
  • Variety of motor pipe connectors
  • Diesel engine drive

Water Process Industry Features

  • Electric motor drive
  • ATEX certified on some models
  • Diesel engine acoustic trailer mounted units

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 Contact us directly for your specific application, stating flow, pressure and liquid medium.