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4” PL Tanker Pump

(54-84m³/hr @ 6bar(g) max)



Rotary lobe pump for tanker loading and discharge

This small compact rotary lobe pump with next generation screw geometry lobes is proving to be a success with tanker operators. The close coupled hydraulic motor design is lightweight and compact. Easy access to the pumping chamber is a significant improvement on previous designs. The rubber coated impeller is able to handle significant solids contamination (waste sludge) without problems and the screw geometry means it is pulse free and very suitable for viscous liquid.


  • Suitable for high solid content
  • Pulsation free
  • Mechanical seal
  • Close coupled hydraulic drive arrangement
  • Bidirectional to load or unload tanker
  • Small footprint - high flow rate


  • Pipe connectors offered straight or 90 degrees
  • Different sizes of motor available (100cc is standard)

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