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PD (Positive Displacement) Pumps



Transairvac supply a large range of pumps. PD (Postive Discharge) Pumps are used in road transport, sewage & industrial applications, across a large range of products & pressures. They can be used with clear liquids, viscous products and waste products

These pumps and macerators benefit from being:

  • Top quality
  • Competitively priced
  • Suitable for use with many viscous liquids

We offer a range of products which include:


Borger Primary Sludge Pump   

Rotary Lobe Sludge Pumps

The Rotary Lobe Pumps available are particularly suitable for sludge transfer. The rotary lobe design has many benefits.


LKW tanker 

PL Tanker Pump

This PL Tanker Pump  comes in one size and has been specifically selected for the road transport sector.  It has been designed to give optimum performance for it’s size and weight characteristics.  It features a direct coupled hydraulic drive motor resulting in a small foot print and neat installation


Oakwood tanker red   

Ranger Pump

The small foot print combined with a high flow rate are just two of the features of the Ranger Pump proving popular with tanker operators