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Parker Torqmotor

The Parker Torqmotor, low speed high torque hydraulic motor has set the bar for rugged and relaible rotary hydraulic power since 1964.

All the fluid that goes through the motor flows across the internal splines to cool and clean them, thus increasing motor dependability and extending life.  High pressure shaft seals allow full system pressure on the outlet port, and eliminate the need for external drain lines.  High speed valving means more precise timing and smoother very low speed operation.


Features & Benefits

Transairvac supply the Parker Torqmotor Series TE-TJ and Series TF-TG-TH-TK, all of  which boast the following fearures;

  • Roller vanes to reduce friction and internal leakage to maintain efficiency
  • Zero leak commutation valve provides greater, more consistent volumetric efficiency
  • A unique high-pressuer shaft seal that eliminates the need for case drains, check valves or extra plimbing
  • Greater durability due to the superior lubrication and minimum drive spline wear
  • Patented 60-40 spline member arrangement transmits more torque with less weight.

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We can also supply Geroller type high torque motors from an alternative manufacturer in any configuration.  Please contact us with any enquiries or for further information about these or any of our products.