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Power Take Offs

Parker Power Take Offs

Transairvac offer a wide range of engine and gearbox mounted Power Take Offs (PTOs) and splitter boxes, all designed to fit the majority of road vehicles.  All models provide simple operation for close coupled pumps and prop shafts drives, which are easily installed on to Volvo, Scania, ZF, Mercedes_benz, Renault, Daf, MAN, Eaton, Iveco, etc vehicles.

Parker Chelsea

Parker Chelsea PTO

Chelsea Power Take Offs

Parker offers Chelsea Power Take Offs for auxillary power functions in many styles and output shafts for a wide range of transmissions, including The Allison World Transmission Series and Hot Shift versions (see below).  The Parker Chelsea Stored Energy System (SEMS) brings together a PTO/pump, accumulator and advanced electronics into a total hydraulic system that is easy to install, maintain and operate.

Parker Chelsea Power Take Offs mount to Ford, Allison (see below), Caterpillar and other transmissions, and come in mechanicalor powershift styles, in a variety of gear types and pitches; speeds ratios and ouput shafts.

Chelsea Allison PTO

Chelsea Allison World Series

Allison Transmission chose Chelsea to join their engineers in developing PTOs specifically for the Allison World Transmissions.  This versitile 277 Series Powershift exceeds the torque capacity of a 6 bolt PTO while offering the tighter sealing of a 10 bolt pattern.  It is available in 5 speed ratios and multiple output tyoes, including Chelsea’s popular 360 rotatable flange.  The 227 Series also features the SuperTorque option which provides up to 20% more torque capacity than a standard 277 Series.

Chelsea Hot Shift PTO

Chelsea Hot Shift

Hot Shift (also known as Power Shift or Shift on the Go) versions are available for when the PTO needs to be engaged or disengaged whilst the vehicle is moving e.g. municipal vehicles

Chelsea PTO on Iveco


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