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Parker Filters Directional Control Valave

Transairvac are able to offer a large range of original manufacturers’ hydraulic ancillaries and components, thus avoiding costly failures and ensuring your peace of mind. A selection of these parts are listed below.  Please contact us for further information


Parker filtrations reputation as a supplier of superior filtration products wether hydraulic, lubrication and coolant filtration is the result of a focused and integrated developemt and manufacturing system which covers a broad base range and many markets, covering mobile, industrial, military and marine.  Examples include;

  • low pressure filters
  • tank top mounted filters
  • suction filters
  • medium pressure filters
  • high pressure filters
  • par gel filters, plus many more


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There are numerous types of hydraulic valves being used in systems today.  Transairvac supply the Parker brand and,as market leader, should be able to source a valve to suit your particular requirements including;

  • directional control valves
  • motor spools valves
  • open centre valves
  • local sensing valves
  • auxillary valves
  • cartridge valves, plus many more

Applications include;

  • tippers
  • cranes
  • walking floors
  • hook and skip loaders

To save you time and effort, just contact us and we will help you identify your exact requirements



Suitable for hydraulic transport applications. We supply both theHC11 and HC24 coolers, which are lightweight and easily fitted. They provide a very economical cooling solution with DC electrical fan, 12 or 24 volt

The HC14 is an industry standard product sold worldwide and is an integrated cooling system. The cooler has several special features including a pressure test point, built in pressure relief valve, fan, motor, speed control & return line filter.  The HC13 is a lower cost option of the HC14.

Transairvac are also able to supply similar products, manufactured by other companies than those identified above.  Just contact us for further information.