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Hydraulic Pumps and Motors for Mobile Applications

Parker hybrid hydraulic vehicle

Transairvac offer the Parker range of piston pumps and motors for vehicle mounting applications where hydraulic drive is required.  These units can be gearbox mounted PTO or auxillary diesel engine.

We can offer complete system design for multiple product use (blowers, cranes, rotary valves, etc.)



Parker Piston Pumps and Motors

Transairvac supply the full range of piston pumps and motors from the world leader in piston technology, Parker (formally VOAC/Volvo).  The Parker series F1 and F2 are fixed displacement pumps and motors. The VP1 is a variable piston pump and the first variable displacement pump for truck applications.  The F11 and F12 are bent axis hydraulic motors and pumps that have numerous applications in both open and closed loop hydraulic circuits.


Denison Vane Pumps

These pumps are specifically designed for PTO drives and/or direct installation (tipping trucks, refuse trucks, cranes etc..).  The T6 series vane pumps have been equipped with B or C cartridges in mobile version.  The combination of different cartridges in single and double pumps allows low flow at high pressure and high flow at lower pressure.  This is the clever way to optimize your circuit design.


The Parker Torqmotor, low speed high torque hydraulic motor has set the bar for rugged and relaible rotary hydraulic power since 1964.

We supply Torqmotor series TE-TJ and series TF, TH, TF, TK as well as the Geroller type, available in any configuration.

Power Take Offs (PTOs)

We offer a wide range of engine and gearbox mounted Power take Offs and splitter boxes, all designed to fit the majority of vehicles on the road.  We supply the Parker Chelsea range & other PTOs.  The Chelsea range of PTOs provide auxillary power functions in many styles and output shafts for a wide range of application.  The range includes a Hot Shift for the Alison World Series gearbox.


Ancillaries & Components

We supply bespoke hydraulic components for OEM’s, accessories for F1, F2 & VP1 pumps and other parts including filters & valves.  Our range of hydraulic cooler packs comprise the industry standard HC13 & HC14 plus the electric fan coolers; HC11, HC15 & HC 24