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HC11, HC15 & HC24 Hydraulic Oil Coolers

The HC11, HC15 & HC24 Hydraulic Oil Coolers has been specially designed with a slimline construction, making installation simple.
The HC range requires very low maintenance and is specially designed for the rigours of the transport environment.

HC Coolers


  • Used in hydraulic drive systems on transport vehicles.


  • Aluminium construction
  • Electric 12v or 24v DC cooling fan
  • Optional thermostatic control
  • Simple, reliable operation (no control valves)
  • Slim rear of cab design
  • Minimum installation requirements
  • Economic solution
  • Multiple sight glasses


 Cooler on South Coast vehicle


3 sizes available

  • HC11 - 50litres/min
  • HC15 - 120litres/min
  • HC24 - 200litres/min