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Filters (For European Road Transport Industry)

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General Information & Technical Specification

Our filters provide guaranteed clean conveying air, irrespective of blower or compressor type used.

We supply a large range of micronic filters. The filters are designed to filter out small particals and contaminants. The result is guaranteed clean conveying air.

We offer a range of products which include:

  Approval certification from; Dow, Exxonmobil, Atofina

 LAG silo tanker

Pressure Line Filters (PLF ) 5 micron (150-1200m³/hr)

The PLF has excelent pressure drop characteristics and a high dirt holding capacity. Used extensively for food and plastic products to protect from possible contamination. PLF150, PLF500, and PLF1000   



Hi Flow Filters  5 micron (1500-1700m³/hr)

Designed for very high flow rates with minimal pressure drop, the Hi-flow filter gives exceptional operational performance across a spectrum of uses; often used within skeletal trailers.


 Filter Elements  

Air Manifold (Collector) Elements 5 micron (200-800m³/hr)

Elements specifically manufactured to customer specifications.  Customers include; Spitler, Van Hool. LAG etc.



Approval certification from; Dow, Exxonmobil, Atofina