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Blower package

General Information & Technical Specification

Transairvac supply a large range of blowers. Our industrial blowers are proven performers in tough industrial conditions.

We provide air and gas blowers, for use in a broad spectrum of applications in Industrial, Water Process and Transport applications. We supply blowers for air and gas up to 1bar(g) pressure. Flow range from 50m³/hr to 10,000 m³/hr. Available bare shaft or as a package.

We offer a range of products which include:
VR Blower

Bilobe Roots Blowers

We are the official distributor in the UK & Ireland for Baratti. These positive displacement blowers have an extended pressure range to 1.6bar(g). Also, we are worldwide distributors of the VR Range of vehicle blowers and holmes type Rbvm range

Evolution Blower

Centrifugal Blowers

We are able to supply the Evolution blower, single sized machine. This blower is lightweight and maintenance free. Its low noise operation characteristics, and simple design has won favour in many applications.

Side Channel Blower Diagram

Side Channel Blowers

These blowers are used in many applications requiring large volumes of clean, dry air at low pressures. We offer the Mapro range of side channels, their pressure capacity can be extended giving increased efficiency.

TDR painted

Trilobe Roots Blowers

Trilobe is a recent technical progression for roots blowers, available for transport applications. We offer a range of Trilobe Blowers.  Lutos