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Mapro Compressors

(22 - 580m³/hr @ 2.5bar(g))

Transairvac are the UK and Ireland distributor for the Mapro range of sliding vane, gas and bio-gas compressors.

Mapro gas compressor.jpg

Mapro are a leading  manufacturer of gas compressors for bio gas digester applications and are extensively used in this application.


Typically used for:

  • Digester mixing
  • Engine Feed
  • Gas Transfer
  • Gas Boosting


  • ATEX Certified
  • Rotary Sliding Vane Oil Lubricated Gas & Bio Gas Compressors
  • Flow Range From 22 to 580 m³hr air-cooled
  • Pressure Range up to 2.5bar(g) air cooled



  • Water cooled machines
  • Flow Range 150 to 5273 m³hr water-cooled
  • Pressure Range up to 4bar(g) water cooled