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Air Compressors

(Up to 2.5bar(g))


General Information & Technical Specification

Transairvac supply a large range of compressors for a number of applications and industrial processes.

We supply air and gas compressors for a range of applications. Pressure range from 50m³/hr to 1000m³/hr. Both oil free and oil lubricated machines with a variety of drive methods and options available.

We offer a range of products which include:


betico.gif Piston Compressors

We are the official distributor of the Betico range of low pressure piston compressors. These compressors are primarily used in the discharge of cement tankers.
We also supply the Brätsch piston compressor, used for pressure discharge from liquid tankers.

T150 Contactless Compressor

Contactless Compressors

We supply the T150 hook and claw compressor. This compressor is a liquid tanker discharge compressor. It is extremely reliable and benefits from being virtually maintenance free.