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Liquid Tankers


Transairvac offers a range of compressors, pumps and ancillaries specifically designed for general purpose pressure discharge of liquid road tankers.


  We offer a range of products which include:

Piston Compressors

We are key suppliers of the Brätsch range of piston compressors. These compressors are primarily used for pressure discharge from liquid tankers.

Carbon Vane Compressors

Including the Boxer and Delta compressors; both oil free, positive displacement compressors. Both benefit from being compact and economical.

Hydraulic Coolers

We supply the HC11 which is lightweight and easily fitted. The HC14 is also available, this cooler has a test point allowing operators to instantly obtain the systems working pressure.

Mini Flow Filters

These are smaller filters used for compressed air pressure discharge, designed to prevent any contamination in liquid tankers. PLF150

Contactless Compressors

We also supply the Titan contactless (vane free) compressor. This compressor is extremely reliable and benefits from being virtually maintenance free.